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Production: "6 Pieces From Off-Off-Broadway" (Frankfurt, 1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0037
Description: Performed as part of the Experimenta II Festival. The first night, June 4, featured "The Hessian Corporal," "Futz," and "Times Square." The second night, June 5, showcased "Untitled," "The White Whore," and "Melodrama Play."
--Brochure for "Experimenta II Festival" (1967) [OBJ.1967.0283]
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Tom O'Horgan (director)
La Mama Repertory Troupe (performer)
Paul Foster (playwright)
Rochelle Owens (playwright)
Leonard Melfi (playwright)
Lanford Wilson (playwright)
Tom Eyen (playwright)
Sam Shepard (playwright)
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