East Village Dance Project


Martha Tornay and her students of The East Village Dance Project performed their annual concert. That dance, Soaked to the Talking Heads Same As It Ever Was, was set on 9 children, one in a concert of 10 dances ranging from classical pointe work to authentic jazz. The East Village Dance Project’s annual concert was presented by the LaMama Moves! Dance Festival and GOH Productions on East 4th St on May 20th, 2012.

She had those kids looking like waves rolling in and out, side to side, then suddenly they were a fountain, then a river, then somehow the little boy gets to dive in and surf right there in front of our eyes. Costumes included swimming goggles, bathing suits, and wonderful hoop tutus made of aquarium print shower curtains. This piece is really fun: The first time I saw it I laughed, the second I cried, the third, I laughed and cried.

May 20, 2012