Video Work: Documentation of "Short Bullins" (1972)


This video documents the 1972 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club production of "Short Bullins." The production, a series of four one-acts, was written by Ed Bullins and directed by Allie Woods, with music by Aaron Bell. The production, and the video, opens with a song.  This video documents all four one-acts in the production: “How Do You Do?”, “A Minor Scene”, “Dialect Determinism”, and “It Has No Choice”. This video was originally shot using a Portapak camera, and camera originals are spread across two separate half-inch open reels (numbered B9 and B10 in La MaMa's collection).

Video documentation of a 1972 tour rehearsal of “Short Bullins” at La MaMa is contained on Reel B60 in La MaMa’s collection.

Researchers interested in viewing this material should contact La MaMa's Archives at