Director's File: Jonas Jurašas


This folder contains: extensive press clippings in English and in German for a production of "The Suicide" at ANTA Theatre in New York City and at Trinity Square Repertory Company in Providence, RI, ranging from 15 column inches to 66 column inches. This folder also contains correspondence regarding Jurašas' 1972 open letter to the Ministry of Culture in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, condemning artistic censorship. The letter was never published in the Soviet Union, but it led to Jurašas' dismissal from his position as Chief Director of Kaunas State Theater (in Soviet Lithuania) and prohibited from working in the theatre there. In 1976, Jurašas and his family were permitted to emigrate to the United States, where he began to search for work in the theatrical community of New York City. The correspondence in this folder begins upon Jurašas' arrival in the U.S., at which point he wrote an open letter to the "World Theatrical Community" to explain his situation. This folder contains that letter, as well as Jurašas' original open letter to the Ministry of Culture, along with correspondence between cultural institutions in New York City and the United Kingdom seeking help for Jurašas as an artist.