Playwright File: Jeff Weiss


This file contains: a number of newsclippings about Weiss and his work; a dozen letters, mostly from Weiss and Ricardo Martinez to Ellen Stewart; programs and promotional materials for shows both at La MaMa and elsewhere; two copies of   Weiss's resume; Volume 48, Number 3, of "Theater" containing Alisa Solomon's article "Who Knows Where or When?: AIDS and Theatrical Memory in Queer Time"; and a copy of an autobiographical-ish account (inscribed by the author to Weiss) of a transgender cabaret performer called Minette: Recollections of a Part Time Lady (with text edited by Steve Watson and photographs selected by Ray Dobbins, self-published, 1979). Also includes a few paper printouts of photos of Weiss and friends (including Ellen Stewart) from the 1970s-era.

1969 – 2015
Correspondence, Programs, Written Reviews, Press, Promotional Materials
Newsprint, copy paper, envelopes, publications
approximately 50 individual items
11 in (width) 17 in (height)
Correspondence in this folder is restricted to in-house viewing.