Playwright File: Jan Quackenbush


The file contains letters written to Ellen Stewart and a Christmas card to the Plexus Troupe; a letter from a perfumer to Diane Callum praising her performance in Inside Out; a German-language theatre publication that mentions several 1968-69 productions of Quackenbush's plays, and a German-language flyer for Inside Out; an invitation to a showcase of Souls in London; and a press clipping about A Cold Day in Hell at California Cottage Theater in 1988.

Date created: 1968 – 1988
English, German
Correspondence, Programs, Promotional Materials, Press
White, yellow, green, and blue paper; lined paper; glossy paper; newsprint
5 letters/cards
4 original clippings
2 promotional materials
8.5 in (width) 8.5 in (height)