Scrapbook: Great Jones Repertory Tour (1972)


An unknown creator has assembled this "scrapbook" of reviews and programs of the Great Jones Repertory Company's production of "Medea"--it is unclear if it was a cast member or another person associated with the production, and it may have been Ellen Stewart.  Also, it is not comprehensive--the only programs that are included are one from the Mickery Theater's first production of "Medea" in May 1972, a brochure flyer from Baalbeck, and multiple programs from Espace Pierre Cardin (date of these performances is not printed on the program, but is confirmed to be June 8 - 15 by a listing also in the scrapbook).  The bulk of the folder is filled with reviews of the production, from many of the countries visited on the tour, and some are accompanied by translations of the reviews, handwritten or typewritten--at least one translation is addressed to Ellen (Stewart).

J Sandy

Date created: circa 1972
Dutch, English, Danish, French, German, Italian
Newsprint; glossy brochure paper; white paper; plastic folder
1 scrapbook folder
multiple reviews
7 programs
11 in (width) 15 in (height)
13 clear sleeved pages bound into a folder(presentation)
The publishers for the reviews, unknown for the other documents