Video Work: Documentation of "Sissy" (1972)


This video documents the 1972 production of “Sissy” at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. The production was directed by John Vaccaro, written by Seth Allen, and performed by the Playhouse of the Ridiculous (a resident La MaMa company). Music for the production was written by Allen and Michael Meadows, arranged by Richard Weinstock, and performed by Paranoia. Much of the sound in this footage is obscured by a 1972 radio program recorded on the same reel. This video was originally shot using a Portapak camera, and camera originals are spread across four separate half-inch open reels (numbered B50, B51, B52, and C12 in La MaMa’s collection).

Researchers interested in viewing this material should contact La MaMa's Archives at

Recording date: November 1972
1/2 inch open reel, Mp4
4 reels
? minutes(container capacity) x ? minutes(document duration)
Sissy (1972)
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