Video Work: Documentation of "Short Bullins" (Tour Rehearsal)


This video documents a tour rehearsal of “Short Bullins: Four One-Act Plays by Ed Bullins” on September 28, 1972, at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. The production, a series of four one-acts, was written by Ed Bullins, directed by Allie Woods, and performed by the Jarboro Company. “Short Bullins” was produced as four of five one-acts by Ed Bullins, which were presented alongside Richard Wesley’s “Black Terror,” on the Jarboro Company’s October 1972 tour of Italy. Video documentation of tour rehearsals of “Black Terror” and Bullins’ fifth one-act, “Clara’s Old Man,” is contained on Reels B61, B62, and B63 in La MaMa’s collection. This video was originally shot using a Portapak camera.

Video documentation of a 1972 production of “Short Bullins” at La MaMa is contained on Reels B9 and B10 in La MaMa’s collection.

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