Video Work: Documentation of "Toy Show" (1970)


This video contains minimal documentation of the November 1970 production of “Toy Show” directed by Rina Yerushalmi at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. There are a few seconds of footage of the set, but most of the digitized video has no content. “Toy Show” is one of several adaptations Leon Katz created in the early 1970s of S. Ansky’s “The Dybbuk,” an early 20th-century Russian/Yiddish-language play about a woman being possessed by a malicious spirit, known as a dybbuk in Jewish mythology. This production emerged out of an ongoing creative collaboration between Katz and Yerushalmi, for whose final MFA project (in theater directing, from Carnegie Mellon University) Katz had served as mentor. Video documentation of “Shekhina,” another of Katz’s adaptations of “The Dybbuk,” directed by Yerushalmi at La MaMa in December 1971, is contained on Reel A4 in La MaMa's collections.

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