Lust and the Unicorn (1987)

Production, PROD.1987.0018

The hourlong adaptation by Osvaldo Rodriguez and Mark Waren of a play called ''Body Work'' by S. and S. Charnas, which in turn was based on a science-fiction novella, probes the relationship of two creatures who feed on others for their sustenance. The psychiatrist's first thought on having a vampire for a client is ''Maybe I can get an article out of it.''

The vampire, a haughty college teacher (David Phillips), is on the hunt for blood of the sort that flows through the veins of women who attend museum openings and shop on Fifth Avenue; the hard-boiled psychiatrist (Christiane McKenna) needs much more - affection, love, sex.

When she implies that the vampire, who has come to her for a bill of mental health required by his employer, may develop feelings of the heart as well as the stomach for his sources of nutrition, he is indignant: ''Would you mate with your livestock?''
He charges her with a prurient interest in him, and he's right. She feels an upsetting attraction: ''He moves me and he draws me and he keeps coming back.'' Each softens under the other's influence, and the issue finally is who will be the predator, who the prey.
 ;"Stage: 'Lust and Unicorn'," Walter Goodman, The New York Times, February 9, 1987