Black Maria (1987)

Production, PROD.1987.0014

"With 'Black Maria,' Mr. Jesurun has moved a step beyond 'Deep Sleep' and 'White Water,' the previous plays in his theater-movies-television cycle. This time, the audience is surrounded by movie screens, four of them as walls and one as ceiling. There are no live actors; the 'play' is entirely on film.

Soon the screens are overflowing with vivid images - of actors and landscapes, both interior and exterior. As in the earlier plays, the actors speak to one another across the heads of theatergoers. We are thrown into the middle of a mystery, a threatening story that has something to do with a lonely house in the country, a leper colony, an escaped convict and a missing, perhaps dead horse.";"Stage - 'Black Maria,' A Play of Film," Mel Gussow, April 14, 1987