Kindness (1986)

Production, PROD.1986.0020

"Mixing film with theater and dance, 'Kindness' begins as an illustrated lecture. On a screen are projected a sequence of like and unlike words and objects. Playfully, Mr. Chong arranges them as building blocks until they form a superstructure of harmony and discord.
From there, he moves into live action and the tale of Buzz, a gorilla with soul and a limited future. What gives the comedy its impetus is the matter-of-fact style. No big deal is made about the gorilla; his schoolmates do not acknowledge his species and they intuitively understand his grunting form of communication. Idly, they all chatter about adolescent pursuits.
In the background is a tuneful assemblage of eclectic music (from Jelly Roll Morton to Puccini), a pristine set design by Anguss Moss and a directorial concept that is coordinated with light and sound effects. Most of the actors are from Mr. Chong's Fiji Company; all operate on the author-director's channel.
Repeatedly, in the course of the show, an actor walks across the stage carrying a large rock; it becomes a comic motif. Finally, he puts the rock down, then surrounds it with other rocks, slowly creating a habitat for Buzz: gorilla at large returns to the zoo."
 ;"The Stage: 'Kindness'," Mel Gussow, May 7, 1986,