Return (1986)

Production, PROD.1986.0005

;"The tone was set when Mr. Babb confessed that he had forgotten absolutely everything. His companions also found it hard to remember. They tried to figure out ways of determining where they were, yet couldn't find paper or pen to take notes. They paced nervously and went spinning in uncertain circles. There were moments when their feet gave way and moments when they acted as if the floor had given way beneath them.
They tried to recall things from the past - for instance, occasions on which they had fun. Then they realized they couldn't quite remember just why those times were fun. They forgot more than that. They even forgot the name of such an ordinary object as a chair. Disturbed by the ways their memories came and went, they almost climbed the walls and, in the last scene, they walked on a little ridge along one wall and vanished from sight.
Often, as they moved, they carried benches and chairs designed by Jun Maeda. But these pieces of furniture kept coming apart to turn into ever smaller benches and chairs.";New York Times review (online): "THE DANCE: OTRABANDA'S 'RETURN'", by Jack Anderson, June 28, 1986.