La MaMa Repertory Troupe First European Tour (1965-1966)

Tour, VEN.1965.0002

Mari-Claire Charba
Jacque Lynn Colton
Ross Alexander
Tom O'Horgan
Victor LiPari
Kevin O'Connor
Michael Warren Powell
Shirley Stoler
Marjorie LiPari
Seth Allen
Jerry De Luise
Jean-Jacques Perrey
William Epstein
Dominique Serreau
Alan Charles Rosenkoetter
Theodore Semar
Mark Korbel
Stefan Sztybel
Sylvie Papernik
Mlle Dove
Bob Tomlinson
Clifford Wright
Lilian Bolvinkel
Roman Patel
Bud Sonka
Diann Redford
Nina Kaj Nielsen
Valerie Caires
Pierre LeDoux
Gary William Friedman
Katherine Henry D'Epinoy
La Mama Repertory Troupe Recluse, The (1965)
Recluse, The
Thank You, Miss Victoria
This Is The Rill Speaking
Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966)
White Whore and the Bit Player, The
Circle, The
Circus, The
Barn Of The Aarhus
Comedie Huset
American Center In Paris
"America Hurrah" and "Little Mother" in Paris (1965)
America Hurrah [Motel]
Little Mother
"Hurrah for Bridge" and "Chicago" in Paris (1965)
Hurrah For The Bridge
Off-Broadway in Paris (1965)
"Birdbath" and "Thank You, Miss Victoria" and "War" in Paris (1965)
After The Ball
Lullaby For A Dying Man
Home Free!
My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty!
My Orpheus
"America Hurrah" and "The Circus" and "Hurrah for the Bridge" in Copenhagen (1965)
"Thank You, Miss Victoria" and "Birdbath" and "War" in Copenhagen (1965)
"The Recluse" and "The Circle" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1965)
"A Rat's Mass" and "Waiting Boy" and "After the Ball" in Copenhagen (1965)
Rat's Mass, A
Waiting Boy
Aasø Skole
"This is the Rill Speaking" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1966)
"Birdbath" and "War" in Copenhagen (1966)
"The Recluse" and "War" in Sweden (1966)
"Home Free!" and "No Trespassing" (1965)