Sand Castle, The

Work, WORK.1965.0029

"[This play is about a] San Diego family merrily suffering from fantasies.  That these fantasies are obviously unreal and unproductive makes them none the less compelling to those afflicted.  The mother, an extremely intelligent widow, toys with the idea of yielding to the advances of a young bus driver.  And one of her sons has become psychotically attached to a girl married to someone else and now pregnant....It becomes clear that these people are doing everything they can to remain turned on with their illusions, but cruelly the family-sustaining force operates to burst the fantasies.  While this is serious drama, Mr. Wilson seems determined to keep it all as comic as he can, and never to underline the play's significant events.";--Review of "The Sand Castle or There is a Tavern in the Town or Harry Can Dance" (1965) [OBJ.1965.0033];