• Promotional Flyer: "The Fever" (1991)

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This show file contains materials related to "The Fever," written and performed by Wallace Shawn and produced at La MaMa in 1991: promotional flyer, press release, drafts of press release, ticket lists from the box office, and newspaper reviews; correspondence and materials from the press office related to preparing promotional material and reaching out to interested organizations and reviewers, this includes handwritten notes and photocopied news clippings from past productions by the artists; and a promotional flyer for Wallace Shawn speaking at Movement Research. 

The box office ticket lists and any materials with personal contact information contained in this file are not digitized. The photocopied reviews of past productions and reviews about "The Fever" (1991) at La MaMa are also not digitized. Please contact the La MaMa Archives (archives@lamama.org) for information about how to access these materials.      ;

Wallace Shawn (describes)
Jonathan Slaff (contributor)
Movement Research Studies Project (contributor)