Video: Documentation of "Tirai (The Curtain): A Mask Dance Drama" (VHS, 1980)


;A Balinese, Javanese, Korean, Malaysian, Japanese, American collaboration," staged at both La MaMa and University of Maryland Baltimore County in November 1980. Tirai [The Curtain] is a story about individuals whose concepts and ideas of cultural appropriation and tradition are put to the test. On one hand you have two geologists from the western world visiting Bali to conduct research. Each of the women has vastly different approaches to trying to assimilate to the Bali culture and in turn, get vastly different reactions and levels of acceptance from the local Balinese people. On the other hand, you have a young Indonesian boy who's about to go through his initiation ceremony into manhood and crosses paths with the visiting geologist. To the dismay of his father, this encounter causes him to question the roots of his tradition in the context of the western world. [Two parts]

Two VHS copies and one DVD of video documentation of the world premiere of Tirai (The Curtain): A Mask Dance Drama at the La MaMa Annex, recorded on Julie Taymor's behalf and given to La MaMa by her.  

Content Notes:
Part1: Major A/V dropout and sound distortion (static etc.) throughout entire playback
Part 2: Major A/V dropout [00:00 - 00:16]. Very dark lighting levels hard to see & hear performers on stage.[10:06 -12:00]

Julie Taymor (contributor)
Jon Lipsky (contributor)
I Wayan Diya (depicts)
Ni Made Wiratini (depicts)
Du Yee Chang (depicts)
Sal Murgianto (depicts)
Nyoman Catra (depicts)
Desak Nyoman Suarti (depicts)
Marion D'Cruz (depicts)
Bill Irwin (depicts)
Priscilla Smith (depicts)
I Nyoman Sumandhi (depicts)
Dan Erkkila (depicts)
Bill Ruyle (depicts)
David Dawkins (depicts)
Genji Ito (depicts)
Jun Maeda (contributor)
Jun Matsuno (contributor)
Gabriel Berry (contributor)
Warren Jorgenson (contributor)
Kate Purwin (contributor)
Eli Noyes (contributor)
Malekah Nayiny (contributor)
International Communications Agency (contributor)
Asian Cultural Council (contributor)
Ford Foundation (contributor)
University Of Maryland Baltimore County (contributor)