Film: Jeff Weiss - Camera Reversal Footage


Can contains one roll of unidentified camera original, color reversal footage related to Jeff Weiss. Exact date and content information is not currently known - date cataloged references Kodak edge code date, 1973. This film is in good condition, and the color doesn't appear faded. The beginning of film is dark and has only a few visbile frames, which are sprodic shots of a bed scene. The first scene is a close up of Jeff Weiss in a lime green tank, wearing a ragged wig. The camera stays on him, sometimes in extreme closeup, and he is not always in frame. The lights go down and turn red, making the images difficult to see. Another man then enters the frame and the lighting improves. He is wearing a red shirt, polka dot tie, and white hat. 
  • Jeff Weiss in green
    Jeff Weiss in green
Jeff Weiss in green
Jeff Weiss in green
Jeff Weiss in green

Date created: 1973
16mm, film
Silver metal can; cellulose acetate film
1 Cored film roll
7 inches(Diameter) x 1 inch(Height) x 7-10(Minutes Long)