• "'Hanna's Skirt' at Village Gate," Joseph Mancini, Village Voice, July 2, 1974

Tour + Troupe Files ➔ Clippings: Theatre Of The Eye Repertory Company


This folder contains thirteen newsclippings, one of which has a duplicate, and one magazine with reviews for productions of Tom Eyen's works at La MaMa and other venues in New York City published from 1969 to 1981. Of note, is a clipping of a casting call in Show Business for Theatre of the Eye productions. 

The New York Times review for the 1974 production of "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down" at Top of the Village Gate and the Greater Amusements magazine are not digitized. Please contact the La MaMa Archives (archives@lamama.org) for information about how to access these materials.   ;;

Theatre of the Eye Repertory Company (describes)
Village Voice (publisher)
After Dark (publisher)
Greater Amusements (publisher)
Ellen Stewart (depicts)
New York Times (publisher)
Peter Schjeldahl (author)
Long Island Press (publisher)
Helen Hanft (describes)
Neil Flanagan (describes)
Steven Davis (describes)
Mary Carter (describes)
Joseph Mancini (author)
William Duffy (describes)
TE Mason (describes)
William A Raidy (author)
Tom Eyen (describes)
Robert Wahls (author)
Warren Pincus (describes)
Ilene Berson (describes)
Shami Chaikin (describes)
Renée Semes (describes)
Marvin Peisner (describes)
Jackie Curtis (describes)
Steven Van Vost (describes)
Ronald Link (describes)
Maria Duval (describes)
Brenda Bergman (describes)
Mick Rock (photographer)
Jerry Brandt (describes)
La Mama Repertory Troupe (describes)
Madeline Leroux (describes)
Marcia Mohr (describes)
Magie Dominic (describes)
William Haislip (describes)
Robert Schrock (describes)
Joseph LeSueur (author)
Mari-Claire Charba (describes)
Leo Sauvage (author)
Michael Smith (author)