• Production Photograph: "Massachusetts Trust" (1968) [1]

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4 in;3 in ( ; ) x 3 in;3 in ( ; ) OBJ.1968.0099
This folder contains twenty-five photographs from "Massachusetts Trust," written by Megan Terry and directed by Tom O'Horgan. It was produced in 1968 as a part of Brandeis Interact International Theatre Festival, organized by Ellen Stewart.  

For more information about who is depicted in each photograph, click to see more media and consult the identification document compiled by Beth Porter and James D. Gossage at the end of the record. ;;

La Mama Repertory Troupe (depicts)
Mari-Claire Charba (depicts)
Kevin O'Connor (depicts)
John Bakos (depicts)
Peter Reid (depicts)
Clay Haney (depicts)
Sally Kirkland (depicts)
Jerry Cunliffe (depicts)
B Sherman (depicts)
Fred Forrest (depicts)
Marilyn Roberts (depicts)
Peter Craig (depicts)
Michael Miller (depicts)