• Program for "Twilight" (1975) (COVER)

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Programs and Flyers from La MaMa's Half-Inch Open Reel Collection ➔ Program: "Twilight" (1975)


8.5 in;5.5 in (width;width) x 11 in;8.5 in (height;height) OBJ.1975.0085
A program for the 1975 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club open rehearsals of La Mama Tel Aviv’s “Twilight”. The production was written by Ada Amichal-Yevin, and created in part as a Special Project for the Masters Degree at the Drama Department at New York University. (The production was performed officially in January 1976 as part of a New Playwrights Works-In-Progress series.) 

La MaMa's Archives contains a range of additional material related to this production, including video documentation. To learn more about these materials, please visit La MaMa's digital collections website, catalog.lamama.org.;;

La Mama Tel Aviv (contributor)
Ada Amichal-Yevin (director)
Ada Amichal-Yevin (playwright)
Tzipora Yosselevitz (music)