• Program: "Flukes" (1973)
    Program for "Flukes" (1973) (FRONT)
Program: "Flukes" (1973)
Program: "Flukes" (1973)
Program: "Flukes" (1973)

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8.5 in;5.5 in (width;width) x 11 in;8.5 in (height;height) OBJ.1973.0173
A show program for La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club's 1973 production of "Flukes (The Whale Show)". The production was directed by Phoebe Wray, with music by Arthur Blake and choreography by Catherine Cappiello, and performed by the Boston Conservatory Theatre.

La MaMa's Archives contains a range of additional material related to this production, including video documentation. To learn more about these materials, please visit La MaMa's digital collections website, catalog.lamama.org.;

Boston Conservatory Theatre (contributor)
Phoebe Wray (director)
Catherine Cappiello (choreographer)
Arthur Blake (music)