Roberto Guidote


An Ecumenical Theatrical Liturgy on the Rights of the Child (1979b) (is related to)
Indonesian Dance Theatre (1979) (is related to)
Grupo Infantil de la Madera (1979) (is related to)
Ang Tatay Mong Kalbo (1979) (is related to)
Revenge of Mami Wata, The (1980) (is related to)
Statues of Wax (1980) (is related to)
Grey Night's Potation, A (1980) (is related to)
Diwang-Lahi: A Philippine Festival Of Arts (1980) (is related to)
Katana (The Sword) (1980) (is related to)
Pag-aalay (1980) (is related to)
Asian Night (1980) (is related to)
Tirai (1980) (is related to)
Daddy! Daddy! (1980) (is related to)
Doilie Sisters, The (1981) (is related to)
History of the Universe According to Those Who've Had to Live It, The (1981) (is related to)
T.N.T. (1981) (is related to)
Soft Targets (1981) (is related to)
Tres Marias Y Una Rosa (1981) (is related to)
Ramayana, The (1981) (is related to)
Two by Petal (1982) (is related to)
Shradanjali (1982) (tech)
Shradanjali (1982) (lighting designer)
Prisoners Of The Invisible Kingdom (1982) (tech)
Money: A Jazz Opera (fragments) (1982) (tech)
Kenneth King & Dancers/Co., With William Tudor And Bob Holman (1982) (lighting designer)
Seance (1982) (tech)
Tooth Of Crime, The (1983) (tech)
Odomankoma Kyerema Cultural Troupe (1983) (lighting designer)
Third World Cultural Perspective, A (1983) (lighting designer)
Arbor, The (1983) (tech)
Dance/Theatre of Richard S Bach (1984) (tech)
World Theatre Week Celebration (1983) (tech)
Prometheus Bound (1984) (lighting designer)
Blumfeld (1984) (contributor)
Kafka: Father And Son (1985) (tech)
Geography Of A Horse Dreamer (1985) (tech)
Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 1, Death in the Hollyhocks (1985) (tech)
Dark And Mr. Stone, The; Part 2, Murder In The Magnolias (1985) (tech)
New Performance By Min Tanaka: Form Of The Sky (1985) (tech)
Cotton Club Gala (1985) (sound )
Sole Sisters (1986) (tech)
Carmilla (1986) (tech)
Fulgor Y Muerte De Joaquin Murieta (1986) (tech)
Give My Regards To Off-Off Broadway (1987) (tech)
We're Moving On (1987) (tech)
Celebration of Aid Al Arch (1987) (tech)
Emergency, Emergence & Efflorescence (1987) (sound )
Ambition (1987) (tech)