Mark Tambella


Gulliver's Travels (1978) (is related to)
Hearing Solar Winds (1979) (is related to)
Fugue in a Nursery (1979) (is related to)
Dark Twist (1979) (is related to)
Dark Twist (1979) (lighting designer)
Music at La MaMa: Living Sound and Sleeping Beauty (1979) (is related to)
Nutcracker In The Land Of Nuts, The (1979/1980) ()
As You Like It (1980) (is related to)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1980) (is related to)
Katana (The Sword) (1980) ()
Tirai (1980) (is related to)
Doilie Sisters, The (1981) (is related to)
Soft Targets (1981) (is related to)
"The National Dance Theatre Of Zaire In 'Nkenge'" (1981) (is related to)
Motel (1981) (is related to)
3 Travels of Aladin With The Magic Lamp, The (1982) (tech)
Peticion del Publico, A (1982) (set design)
Tooth Of Crime, The (1983) (tech)
Hot Lunch Apostles (1983) (tech)
Light Opera, The (1983) (tech)
"Tongues" and "Skins" (1984) (tech)
Blumfeld (1984) (contributor)
Geography Of A Horse Dreamer (1985) (tech)
"Medea" At The Haworth Summer Festival: Great Jones Repertory Company (1987) (set design)
Great Jones Repertory Company Tour (1987) (worked for)
Tancredi and Erminia (1993) (set design)
Give My Regards To Off-Off Broadway (1987) (tech)
We're Moving On (1987) (tech)
"Mythos Oedipus" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" (1989) (set design)
Skin - A State of Being (1989) (tech)
Rosmersholm (1988) (set design)
Ode to a Cube (1988) (tech)
Arrivals & Departures (1988) (set design)
Nemico Mio (2004) (tech)
Juice (1990) (tech)
Casa (1990) (tech)
Brightness (1989) (tech)
Gaz (1989) (tech)
Increase: The Story of a Saint (1990) (tech)
Elephant Memories (1990) (tech)
The Haunted Host (1991) (tech)
Eddie Goes to Poetry City: Part 2 (1991) (tech)
Macguffin, or How Meanings Get Lost (1987) (tech)
20th Century Blues (1988) (set design)
Fragments of a Greek Trilogy (1999) (tech)
"The Trojan Women" in Taipei, Taiwan (1998) (tech)
Seven Against Thebes (2001) (tech)