TWITAS (is related to) Jilsa (1974) (is related to)
Night Before Thinking, The (1974a) (is related to)
Night Before Thinking, The (1974b) (is related to)
Himig Ng Lahi (1974) (is related to)
Sandigan-Kalinangan I: A Philippine Festival Of The Arts (1974) (is related to)
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1974) (is related to)
Evening of Kathakali Dance, An (1975) ()
Oba Koso (1975) (is related to)
World Theater Day Celebration (1976) (is related to)
New Play Series, Part I: Third World Rituals And Folk Dramas (is related to)
Caucasian Chalk Circle (1977) (is related to)
"Prince Hamyul (Hamlet)" and "Tae (The Cycle)" (1977) (is related to)
Whither The Weather (1977) ()
Yakshagana of India (1978) (is related to)
Raun Raun Theatre Of Papua New Guinea, The (1978) (is related to)
"Children's Folk Arts Festival" & "An Ecumenical Theatrical Liturgy on the Rights of the Child" (1979a) ()
Grupo Infantil de la Madera (1979) (is related to)
Ang Tatay Mong Kalbo (1979) ()
Diwang-Lahi: A Philippine Festival Of Arts (1980) (is related to)
Nigerian Showcase, A (1980) (is related to)
Third World Cultural Series, A (1980) (is related to)
Oh Moon! (1980) (is related to)
Pag-aalay (1980) (is related to)
Asian Night (1980) (is related to)
Tirai (1980) (is related to)
Ramayana, The (1981) (is related to)
Mouth to Tail (1981) (is related to)
"The National Dance Theatre Of Zaire In 'Nkenge'" (1981) (is related to)
Two by Petal (1982) ()
Shradanjali (1982) (producer)
World Theatre Day Celebration (1982) (producer)
Red Snow (1982) (producer)
Drumsong (1982) (contributor)
Third World Cultural Perspective, A (1983) (producer)
Odomankoma Kyerema Cultural Troupe (1983) (producer)
Darpana Dancers of India (1983) (contributor)
World Theatre Week Celebration (1983) (producer)
World Theatre Week Celebration (1984) (producer)
Quebradanza (1984) (producer)
Third World Theatre Arts Festival, A (1984) (producer)
Asian Perspective, An (1984) (producer)
Third World Theatre Arts Festival, A (1985) (producer)
Childyear Culture Corps Project (1978-1979) (contributor)
Locombia (1986) (producer)
Third World Theatre Arts Festival (1987) (producer)
Third World Theatre Arts Festival (1986) (producer)
Celebration of Aid Al Arch (1987) (producer)
Hassan Wakrim and Inossis/Bidawa Group (1987) (producer)
Ballet Asia (1989a) (producer)
ASIAD/Contemporary Dance (1990) (producer)
Carrera (1988a) (producer)
Third World Festival for Theatre Arts Studies (1988) (producer)
Roar (1988) (producer)
Women of the Calabash (1988) (producer)
20th Century Blues (1988) (producer)
"Mi Casa" and "The Legend of the Mango Tree" (1976) (producer)
TWITAS Inter-Ethnic Bilingual Childrens Theater Workshop (1976) (producer)
Sayaw Silangan (contributor)