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Jacque Lynn Colton
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Jacque Lynn Colton
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Lloyd Segal
(is related to) Frustrata (1964) (is related to)
"The White Whore And The Bit Player" And "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down" (variations on a theme) (1965) (is related to)
Cafe La MaMa Experimental Theater Presents H. M. Koutoukas' "Omy Queen Of The Fairies," And "Tidy Passions, Or, Kill Kaleidascope Kill" (1965) (is related to)
Demented World of Tom Eyen, The (1965) (is related to)
Six Plays From The '65-'66 European Tour (1966) (is related to)
Window (1966) (is related to)
Rimers Of Eldritch, The (1966) (is related to)
La MaMa Repertory Troupe First European Tour (1965-1966) (is related to)
Rimers of Eldritch, The (1981) (is related to)
La MaMa Films (1982) (is related to)
Off-Broadway Theatre Evening in Paris (1965) (director)
Off-Broadway Theatre Evening in Paris (1965) (performer)
"America Hurrah" and "Little Mother" in Paris (1965) (performer)
Off-Broadway Program No. 2 (1965) (director)
"The Recluse" and "The Circle" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1965) (performer)
"A Rat's Mass" and "Waiting Boy" and "After the Ball" in Copenhagen (1965) (performer)
La MaMa Repertory Troupe Second European Tour (1966) (worked for)
Charba and Colton in Paris (1964) (worked for)
Off-Broadway in Paris (1965) (worked for)
"This is the Rill Speaking" and "Chicago" in Copenhagen (1966) (performer)
"The Recluse" and "War" in Sweden (1966) (performer)
"Pavane" and "Homo" in Zagreb (1966) (performer)
"Pavane" and "Tattoo Parlor" in Copenhagen (1966) (performer)
Boxiganga (performer)
"War," "This is the Rill Speaking" and "Homo" in Durham, UK (1966) (performer)
Quick Nutbread To Make Your Mouth Water, A (1974) (director)
Dundor, The Dragon (1974) (performer)
Captain Noah (1974) (director)
6 From La MaMa (1966) (performer)
White Whore and the Bit Player, The in Paris (1964) (performer)