Federico Restrepo


Federico Restrepo
Denise Greber
(is related to) Contemporary Dance Theatre Double Bill (1984) (performer)
Carrera (1988a) (director)
Carrera (1988a) (choreographer)
Carrera (1988a) (performer)
Carrera (1988a) (set design)
Martyrs for Peace and Freedom (1986) (performer)
Third World New Music Series (1986) (contributor)
Locombia (contributor)
Locombia (1986) (director)
Locombia (1986) (performer)
Panama (1987) (performer)
"Mythos Oedipus" and "Dionysus Filius Dei" (1989) (performer)
Carrera (contributor)
Carrera (1988b) (performer)
Carrera (1988b) (set design)
Carrera (1988b) (director)
Juice (1990) (tech)
Loco7 (contributor)
Loco7 (1989) (director)
Gaz (1989) (tech)
Cosecha (adapter)
"Cosecha" and "Fresh Ruins" (1990) (performer)
"Cosecha" and "Fresh Ruins" (1990) (set design)
Seven Against Thebes (2001) (performer)
Cosecha (performer)
Cosecha (1990) (playwright)
Cosecha (1990) (performer)