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Production: Vain Victory, The Vicissitudes Of The Damned (1971)

Identifier: PROD.1971.0024
Related Entities
Jackie Curtis (author)
Jackie Curtis (director)
Dennis Spallina (director)
Jackie Curtis (music)
Peter Allen (music)
Paul Serrato (music)
Viva (music)
Eric Emerson + Messiah (music)
Tiger Morse (designer)
Ondine (performer)
Dorrian Gray (performer)
Agosto Machado (performer)
Paul Ambrose (performer)
Candy Darling (performer)
Tally Brown (performer)
Clarice Rivers (performer)
Mario Montez (performer)
Jackie Curtis (performer)
Ritta Redd (performer)
Dustin Pitman (performer)
Carisma Panache (performer)
John Harry Christian (performer)
Bobbie Beers (performer)
Christmas Eve (performer)
Prindiville Ohio (performer)
George Abognalia (performer)
Steven Stern (performer)
Samuel Adams Green (performer)
Diana (performer)
Mary Woronov (performer)
Joe (performer)
Andy Warhol (performer)
Francesco Scavullo (performer)
Artchie Stripe (performer)
Jay Johnson (performer)
Raymond Macrino (performer)
Holly Woodlawn (performer)
Woody Vasulka (performer)
Steina Vasulka (performer)
Woody Vasulka (designer)
Steina Vasulka (designer)
Paul Serrato (performer)
Peter Allen (performer)
The Factory (contributor)
Eric Emerson (performer)
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