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Production: Cops And Robbers (1971)

Identifier: PROD.1971.0008
Related Entities
Leslie Lee (author)
Hugh Gittens (director)
Alexis (performer)
Nevele Adams (performer)
Rodney Cleghorne (performer)
Patricia Gaul (performer)
Robert Jackson (performer)
Bruce Levine (performer)
J Frederick Magee (performer)
Barbara Montgomery (performer)
Ceci Perrin (performer)
Lea Scott (performer)
Robert Stocking (performer)
J Frederick Magee (music)
Anthony Bassae (choreographer)
Richard Frankel (tech)
C.J. Strawn (designer)
David Adams (designer)
Richard McCormack (tech)
Charles Terrel (designer)
Margo LaZaro (director)
La MaMa GPA Nucleus Company (producer)
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Cops And Robbers
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74A East 4th Street