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Work: Frustrata

Identifier: WORK.1964.0005
Creation Date: 1964
Description: "You don't have to have seen 'Funny Girl' or to have read the Time cover story on Barbra (as she or her press agent barbarically spells it) Streisand to dig this take-off on her past and future career, but it would help. And it's funnier, too, if you're one of those who, like me, remembers every dumb movie made in the '30s with Fay Wray, Myrna Loy, Mae West, Bette Davis, etc. For Time Eyen has a marvelous memory for lines from those films, like Myrna Loy's 'We mustn't cry, crying is for children, we must be grown-up about this thing,' which Frustrata-Streisand, who relishes relics like Fay Wray's original costume from 'King Kong,' incants at every contretemps. It's really a skit blown up to a full-length entertainment, and so too long, but there are enough gems along the way to make sitting for an hour worthwhile.
--Saul Gottlieb, "Cafe Theatre: Frustrata" Village Voice, May 14, 1964.
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