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Production: Night Club, or Bubi's Hide-Away (1970)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0054
Related Entities
Kenneth Bernard (playwright)
John Vaccaro (director)
The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer)
Ondine (performer)
Mary Woronov (performer)
Lola Bercowitz (performer)
Hieronymus Botch (performer)
Bela Boxx (performer)
Herndon Ely (performer)
Otto Erotica (performer)
Tecquilla (performer)
Charisma Penaje (performer)
Christina (performer)
Paul Issa (performer)
Kevin Bradigan (performer)
Marie Antoinette (performer)
Sylvie Papernik (performer)
The Irritations (music)
Elmer Moody (tech)
Andre Baudoin (tech)
Joyce Marcel (designer)
Jerry Marcel (designer)
John Dodd (designer)
Hud Son-of-wolf (designer)
John Vaccaro (tech)
Frank Huntington (tech)
Joseph Peroni (performer)
Penny Arcade (performer)
Marsha Dimes (performer)
William G P Edgar (performer)
Robert Whitesox Schwartz (choreographer)
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Night Club
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74A East 4th Street