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Special Event: Bang Too (1970)

Identifier: SP.1970.0001
Related Entities
Lamar Alford (director)
Betty Barney (choreographer)
Jan Mickens (choreographer)
John Dodd (designer)
Michael Arian (performer)
Pat Benoye (performer)
Patrick Burke (performer)
Asaman Byron (performer)
William Compton (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Sabin Epstein (performer)
Gary Feldman (performer)
Lee Fitzgerald (performer)
Patricia Gaul (performer)
Jeffrey Herman (performer)
Madeline Leroux (performer)
Jim May (performer)
Jay Miller (music)
Marcia Mohr (performer)
Fernley A Murray (performer)
June Perz (performer)
Brad Riley (performer)
Lea Scott (performer)
June Segal (performer)
O-Lan Shepard (performer)
Sam Shepard (performer)
Laura Slater (performer)
Grenna Whitaker (performer)
John Vaccaro (performer)
The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer)
Lou Zeldis (performer)
Related La MaMa Venue
74A East 4th Street