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Production: Son of Cock-Strong (1970)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0018
Description: A sequel to 1969's "Cock-Strong."
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The Playhouse of the Ridiculous (performer)
Tom Murrin (playwright)
John Vaccaro (director)
The Shell Game (music)
Ralph Czitrom (music)
George Basley (music)
John Madera (music)
John Vaccaro (music)
John Albano (performer)
John Harry Christian (performer)
Elsene Sorrentino (performer)
Jeffrey Herman (performer)
Joseph Peroni (performer)
Francis William Dudley (performer)
Loretta Suggs (performer)
Mary Margaret Suggs (performer)
Baby Bettie Moses (performer)
Michael Arian (performer)
Ruby Lynn Reyner (performer)
Otto Erotica (performer)
Dame Edith Suggs (performer)
Madeline Leroux (performer)
Flora Pins (performer)
Penny Arcade (performer)
Walter Faucet (performer)
Melody Percoco (performer)
Ho Semen (performer)
Bela Boxx (performer)
Jaime DeCarlo Lotts (performer)
Ondine (performer)
Kevin Bradigan (performer)
Gillian VanDer Gork (performer)
Avi (performer)
Winona Suggs (performer)
Leona Suggs (performer)
Tanya Suggs (performer)
Sonja Suggs (performer)
Nadja Suggs (performer)
Constance Suggs (performer)
Prindiville Ohio (performer)
Marie Antoinette (performer)
Jerry Harding (performer)
Anthony Ingrassia (contributor)
Noah Lamy (tech)
Mark La Prade (tech)
John Dodd (designer)
Michael Smith (tech)
Lynn Wolfson (tech)
Steve Whitson (tech)
John Vaccaro (designer)
Annemarie Allen (designer)
Tina Kraskova (designer)
Robert Adler (designer)
Glenn Middleton (tech)
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