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Production: Shango (1970)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0007
Description:  "Shango de Ima" was one of a series of works the Cuban troupe Teatro Guinol developed in the 1960s to address the subject of Afro-Cuban culture. Mounted one year after the play was first performed in Havana, this La MaMa production brought an English adaptation of the original work to New York audiences. 
Related Entities
Susan Sherman (adapter)
Josef Bush (director)
Pepe Carril (playwright)
Asaman Byron (performer)
Grenna Whitaker (performer)
Ric Larson (performer)
Myra Lee (performer)
Vicky Miller (performer)
Fernley A Murray (performer)
Ray Ramirez (performer)
Ozzie Rodriguez (performer)
June Segal (performer)
Lea Scott (performer)
Scott Adams (performer)
Florence Bowe (performer)
Dolores Floyd (performer)
Ivey Harris (performer)
Cookie Holmes (performer)
Laverne Jamison (performer)
Madupe (performer)
Laura Slater (performer)
John Amira (music)
Michael Fraiser (music)
John Mason (music)
Charles Jenulevich (tech)
Joanna Schielke (designer)
Betty Barney (choreographer)
Larl Becham (choreographer)
Asaman Byron (contributor)
Cookie Holmes (contributor)
Walter Burns (music)
Staten Island Scow And Barge Co (designer)
Rogelio Marinez Fure (contributor)
John Amira (contributor)
Betty Barney (contributor)
Nancy Colin (contributor)
Una Perkins (contributor)
Ed James (contributor)
Teatro Guinol (contributor)
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74A East 4th Street