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Production: Eye in New York (1969)

Identifier: PROD.1969.0040
Description: "These are exercises-in-progress from Tom Eyen's forth-coming septology, 'The Seven Days of the Weak,' to open at the Strand Theatre, London, on February 18, 1970."
--Program for "Eye in New York" (1969) [OBJ.1969.0113]
Related Entities
Tom Eyen (playwright)
Theatre of the Eye Repertory Company (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Helen Hanft (performer)
Roz Kelly (performer)
Madeline Leroux (performer)
Brad Riley (performer)
Elsa Tresko (performer)
Robert Schrock (tech)
John Dodd (designer)
John Vaccaro (director)
Howard Greenberger (director)
William Duffy (director)
Tom Eyen (director)
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74A East 4th Street