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Production: Four No Plays by Tom Eyen (1969)

Identifier: PROD.1969.0005
Related Entities
Tom Eyen (author)
Tom Eyen (director)
Bruce Kirle (music)
Lamar Alford (performer)
David Baker Jr (performer)
Theon Banos (performer)
Maggie Benson (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Enid Edelman (performer)
Suzanne Gilbert (performer)
Ellen Gurin (performer)
Arthur Hill (performer)
Bruce Kirle (performer)
Dan Mason (performer)
Mary Mitchell (performer)
Charles Pitchford (performer)
Mark Russel (performer)
Carole Silon (performer)
Lucy Silvay (performer)
Karole Kaye Stevenson (performer)
Ann Sweeny (performer)
Fred Travalena (performer)
Elsa Tresko (performer)
Duke Weil (performer)
James Hardy (designer)
David Baker Jr (designer)
Paul Foster (contributor)
Charles Pitchford (music)
Lee Makler (tech)
James D. Gossage (documenter)
Michael Warren Powell (designer)
Theatre of the Eye Repertory Company (contributor)
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