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Production: "Vintage Wine or Past It's Prime" (2005)

Identifier: PROD.2005.0003
Description: Allcroft’s “Vintage Wine or Past Its Prime?” features a distinguished cast including Bloolips veteran Lavinia Co-op; acclaimed actor/playwright Jim Neu; Trockaderos de Monte Carlo original trouper Clio Young; Bessie winner Nicky Paraiso; Hot Peaches founder Jimmy Camicia; post-modern chanteuse Little Annie; 30-year LaMaMa veteran Agosto Machado, puppeteer/songwriter Joe Munley; choreographer/puppeteer Chris Maresca; Middle-Eastern dancer Sharon Azar; Hot Peaches star Ron Jones; actor/director Terrell Robinson; master actress/teacher Valois Mickens; Theater of the Ridiculous veteran and screen actor Byron Thomas and noted Gertrude Stein scholar Ulla Dydo, with sets by Mark Tambella, lights by David Adams and sound by Karl Michael Emyrs. With special mystery guests.
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Charles Allcroft (playwright)
Charles Allcroft (director)
Jim Neu (performer)
Clio Young (performer)
David Adams (lighting designer)