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Production: Fragments of a Greek Trilogy (1999)

Identifier: PROD.1999.0003
Description: All three works were not performed every night. The schedule was as follows:
March 26 - Medea and Trojan Women
March 27 - Medea and Trojan Women
March 28 - Medea and Trojan Women
April 1 - Electra and Trojan Women
April 2 - Medea and Trojan Women
April 3 - Electra and Trojan Women
April 4 - MedeaElectra and Trojan Women
April 7 - Medea and Trojan Women
April 8 - Electra and Trojan Women
April 9 - Medea and Trojan Women
April 10 - Electra and Trojan Women
April 11 - MedeaElectra and Trojan Women

-- From Playbill News, "Serban & Swados Fragments Revived at La MaMa, March 26-April 11," 
Related Entities
Andrei Serban (director)
Great Jones Repertory Company (performer)
Bill Ruyle (music)
Jun Maeda (set design)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Sandra Muir (costumes)
Gabriel Berry (costumes)
Ozzie Rodriguez (contributor)
Mark Tambella (tech)
Karen Kandel (performer)
George Drance (performer)
Onni Johnson (performer)
Valois Mickens (performer)
Mia Yoo (performer)
Maura Donohue (performer)
Charles Hayward (performer)
Brian Nishii (performer)
Kim Ima (performer)
Neal Harris (performer)
Julia Martin (performer)
Charlotte Brathwaite (performer)
Carlo Wertenbaker (performer)
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