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Production: Concept, The (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0026
Description: "An improvisational play created by the Daytop Theatre Company...Daytop Village, 450 Bayview Avenue, Staten Island, is a community of ex-narcotics addicts."
--Flyer for "The Concept" (1967) [OBJ.1967.0177]
Related Entities
Daytop Theatre Company (playwright)
Lawrence Sacharow (director)
Felix Arroyo (performer)
David Brabham (performer)
James Castaldo (performer)
Joe DiFiore (performer)
Judy Gibbs (performer)
Elisa Grillo (performer)
Allan Rykoff (performer)
J Devlin (performer)
Mark Mellender (designer)
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122 Second Avenue
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Concept, The
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