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Production: Sarah B. Divine! (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0018
Related Entities
Tom Eyen (playwright)
Jonathan Kramer (music)
Kathleen Dabney (performer)
Ellen Gurin (performer)
William Duffy (performer)
Helen Hanft (performer)
Jonathan Kramer (performer)
Bobo Legendre (performer)
Tarina Lewis (performer)
Dan Mason (performer)
Mark Russel (performer)
Carole Silon (performer)
Karole Kaye Stevenson (performer)
Elsa Tresko (performer)
Carolyn Wiswell (performer)
Kikuo Saito (designer)
Michael Warren Powell (designer)
Mary Nicols (designer)
William Duffy (contributor)
Rene Gonzales (tech)
Toby Toby (contributor)
Theatre of the Eye Repertory Company (producer)
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Sarah B. Divine!