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Production: Casa (1990)

Identifier: PROD.1990.0006
Description: "In her one-hour play, this Brazilian director, performer and writer, who calls her physically sparse, mimelike style of drama essential theater, heads a cast of eight actors, including her two children, who act out rituals of daily life in surrealistic caricature. 'Casa' appears to tell a story about a specific woman, her family, friends and thoughts."

-- "Review/Theater; The Details of Daily Life, Surrealistically," Stephen Holden, The New York Times, January 18, 1990
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Denise Stoklos (director)
Denise Stoklos (performer)
Joan Evans (performer)
Eli Daruj (performer)
Carlos Moreno (performer)
Antonio Herculano (performer)
Leticia Monte (performer)
Hyun Yup Lee (performer)
Thais Stoklos Kignel (performer)
Piata Stoklos Kignel (performer)
Isla Jay (lighting designer)
Jan Bell (tech)
Fabio Namatame (contributor)
Denise Stoklos (sound)
Rachel Whitehead (tech)
David Adams (tech)
Mark Tambella (tech)
Jerome Duran (tech)
James Carrier (tech)
A. G. P. W. P. (tech)
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