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Production: Water on the Moon (1989)

Identifier: PROD.1989.0016
Related Entities
Maureen Fleming (performer)
Christina Weppner (set design)
Norman Ballard (contributor)
Howard Thies (lighting designer)
Eiko Yamaguchi (costumes)
Phil Lee (music)
Jack Forster (contributor)
Andrea Kane (contributor)
Alice Pitty (contributor)
Ellen Stewart (contributor)
Jody Long (contributor)
Jean Erdman (contributor)
Alberto DelSaltz (contributor)
Jun Maeda (tech)
David Adams (tech)
Paul Konchagulian (tech)
Edward Myers (sound)
Meryl Vladimer (tech)
Tavia Ito (costumes)
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Water on the Moon
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Dance Festival '89 (1989)