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Production: Skin - A State of Being (1989)

Identifier: PROD.1989.0009
Description: "In 'Skin - a State of Being' (at La Mama Annex), Ping Chong takes his audience aloft into a cloudland of airy activities. As cumulus images drift by in the background, offstage voices of polite flight attendants settle us into our seats, preparing travelers for an armchair theatrical adventure. A real airline should be so soothing and accommodating. Ping Chong Airways is not about to overbook or to fly in an endless holding pattern.
There are clues that this will be an unusual journey, beginning with the scenery. We are told that on one side of the plane is Mount Fuji and on the opposite side, Grant's Tomb. Fastening our metaphorical seat belts, we await all eventualities and discover surprises along with occasional irritations. What follows is an hour of Mr. Chong at his most abstruse...
On the current journey, created in collaboration with Mr. Chong's company of actors, he moves backward from supersonic civilization to primitive times. In flight, we encounter a race of humanoids with froglike heads, and in a series of episodes they re-enact a life process, from birth through education and courtship."

-- "Review/Theater; Certain Friendly Skies," Mel Gussow, January 12, 1989, The New York Times
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Ping Chong and Company (producer)
Ping Chong (director)
Ping Chong (set design)
Howard Thies (lighting designer)
Matthew Yokobosky (costumes)
Jan Hartley (contributor)
Meryl Vladimer (contributor)
Tamara Holt (contributor)
David Adams (tech)
Mark Tambella (tech)
Jun Maeda (tech)
Daryl (performer)
John Fleming (performer)
Dan Froot (performer)
Jeannie Hutchins (performer)
Allan Tung (performer)
Brian Hallas (contributor)
Louise Smith (contributor)
Stephen Loebel (contributor)
Kevin Hardwicke (tech)
Wagner Pinto (tech)
Paul Shaw (tech)
Watoku Ueno (tech)
Steven Miller (tech)
Victor Attar (tech)
Martha Parks (tech)
Mike Taylor (tech)
Jan Bell (tech)
Bob Johnson (tech)
Tom Wilson (tech)
Brian Glover (tech)
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