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Production: Cafe La Mama E.T.C. Presents Three Plays By Enrique Vargas (1967)

Identifier: PROD.1967.0005
Description: This production was meant to open on January 30, 1967, but according to James D. Gossage, there was a switch in the programming:
"La MaMa playlist has [Three Plays by Enrique Vargas] opening (as 'Three One Act Plays With Pantomime') January 30, 1967, instead it was for only two days, February 20 and 21, 1967.

Performance, photographed 02/21/1967 at Cafe La Mama stage.
From the advertisement for Cafe La Mama in the Village Voice of February 16, 1967:
La Mama Bogata and Peru
Three Original Plays by Enrique Vargas
Directed by Jaime Barrios, Rene Enriques, Edmondo Faccini
Homero, Teatro de Grilios
Directed by Sara Joffre with Aurora Collins, Roberto Rios in English
Monday and Tuesday February 20 and 21 at 8:30

It appears that the program in La MaMa's Archive is a different set of plays than what was produced. Original plays could have been replaced because of 'emergency' opening of a slot for Joseph Papp production of 'Stock Up On Pepper Because Turkey's Going To War,' which was replaced at Papp's Public Theater by 'Hair' as the premier play."
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Bill Kinsinger (designer)
Audrey Ficklin (contributor)
Ernesto Colon (director)
Ernesto Colon (performer)
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Mike Zelanko (performer)
Lionel Kilberg (music)
Norman Garon (performer)
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Suzanne Gilbert (performer)
Gerald Austin (performer)
Michael Carrigan (performer)
Jaime Barrios (director)
German Moure (performer)
Kikuo Saito (designer)
Santiago Negroni (tech)
Jaime Caro (contributor)
Victor Alonso (contributor)
Rey Lofstedt (tech)
Stephen Wight (designer)
Santiago Negroni (designer)
Manuel Manga (designer)
Piggy Pou (designer)
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