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Production: Tancredi and Erminia (1993)

Identifier: PROD.1993.0002
Description: "Ellen Stewart fills the large performance space of the La Mama Annex with singing 11th-century kings and nobles battling over Jerusalem in her "Tancredi and Erminia," and they make a spectacular uproar. Ms. Stewart calls the work a 'city opera,' with no hint of what she means by that.

Ms. Stewart has tried out the play three times in Italy over several years..."
"Theater in Review," D. J. R. Bruckner, The New York Times,
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Ellen Stewart (director)
Jun Maeda (set design)
Mark Tambella (set design)
David Adams (lighting designer)
Tim Schellenbaum (sound)
Ozzie Rodriguez (producer)
Paul Beauvais (performer)
Erika Bilder (performer)
Sheila Dabney (performer)
Kate Dezina (performer)
Jonathan Hart (performer)
Andrea Paciotto (performer)
Markus Scarabai (performer)
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