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Production: Island In Infinity, A Tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca (1966)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0037
Description: A reading and performance of poems by Federico Garcia Lorca, selected and arranged by Nelly Vivas.  The performance was in four acts separated by intermissions; I. The Search for Identity, II. New York. Panic, Despair, III. The Encounter With Death and IV. Epilogue.
Related Entities
Nelly Vivas (adapter)
Nelly Vivas (director)
Eduardo Ramirez (designer)
Lee Levine (designer)
Robert J Sacker (music)
Diva Osorio (performer)
Hector Elizondo (performer)
Danna Hansen (performer)
Kathleen Tighe (performer)
Betty Harmon (performer)
Sandi Lucot (performer)
Andrew Krawetz (performer)
Jann Klenburg (performer)
Jimmy Mason (music)
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122 Second Avenue
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Island In Infinity