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Production: Hungry Ones, The (1966)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0023
Related Entities
Asif Currimbhoy (playwright)
John A Coe (director)
Joseph Forn (performer)
Antonio Fargas (performer)
Bali Ram (performer)
Yolande Bavan (performer)
Howard Roy (performer)
Antony Tenuta (performer)
Dwight Marfield (performer)
Richard Silverman (performer)
Larrio Ekson (performer)
Judy Alonso (performer)
Luis Cardenas (performer)
Joseph Pichette (performer)
George Romero (performer)
Susan Stevens (performer)
Muriel Miguel (performer)
Elmer Kline (performer)
Nick Gilman (performer)
James E Dwyer (designer)
Nancy Gabor (tech)
Mark Gabor (tech)
Tania Leontov (designer)
Nicky Logis (designer)
Melinda Lawson (contributor)
Gwen Fabricant (contributor)
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122 Second Avenue
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Hungry Ones, The