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Production: "The White Whore and the Bit Player" at Columbia University (1971)

Identifier: PROD.1970.0085
Related Entities
La MaMa Canada (performer)
Tom Eyen (playwright)
Martin Brenzell (director)
Mark Allwood (performer)
Peter Alves (performer)
Marlene Bloom (performer)
Kathy Brown (performer)
Steve Clarkson (performer)
Patricia Conway (performer)
Keith Kennedy (performer)
Christine Knight (performer)
Donna Kuipers (performer)
Jim Langham (performer)
Eugene Levy (performer)
Paul Londerville (performer)
Jon Schelter (performer)
Rod Stewart (performer)
Karin Thompson (performer)
Ellen Wolter (performer)
Roxanne Kadishov (tech)
Anthony Rostain (worked for)
Leon Jarvis (tech)