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Production: Madonna In The Orchard, The (1966)

Identifier: PROD.1966.0017
Description: After its run at La MaMa, this production moved to the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT.
Related Entities
Paul Foster (author)
Tom O'Horgan (director)
Tom O'Horgan (music)
Roberts Blossom (performer)
Michael Warren Powell (performer)
Mel E Hopson (performer)
George Lenjeris (performer)
Victor LiPari (performer)
Beeson Carroll (performer)
Steven Van Vost (performer)
Burt Supree (performer)
Galen McKinley (performer)
Gary Stevens (performer)
Walter Michael Harris (performer)
Tessa Kanner (performer)
Katena Mandas (performer)
Mari-Claire Charba (performer)
Helen Hanft (performer)
Barbara Young (performer)
Otto Mjaanes (performer)
Howard Vichinsky (tech)
Robert Margouleff (designer)
Sydney Ritchie (designer)
Yayoi Tshuchitani (designer)
Lanford Wilson (designer)
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